Woodweave Blinds

Woodweave blinds create a natural and warm atmosphere in the home, and provide a stylish and tasteful option. The weaving technique used to create these blinds allows soft, diffused light to filter into your living spaces.

Woodweave Blinds ( also known as Pinoleum or Woven Blinds) are made from renewable resources such as jute, bamboo or wood, woven together in a variety of styles. They're popular in conservatories as free-hanging and skylight window treatment, kitchens and sunrooms. With their individual characteristics and natural textures, woodweave blinds add uniqueness and depth to your home allowing soft diffused light to gently filter through.

At Classic Blinds, we have a great choice of woodweave blinds and can offer a variety of styles and combinations. With colour co-ordinated fabric side-tapes that can be specifically selected to match the design of your living space, you can pick the perfect natural look for your windows.

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