Iso Design Blinds

This is the first blind system to solve all the problems associated with using blinds on modern opening windows. Available as a venetian or pleated blind the Iso blind is available in a large colour selection.

Slim design

The slim headrail fits into the bead of the window, completely concealing the working mechanism and fixing brackets.

Flush Fit

Side-guiding, within the window bead, is achieved using transparent yet very strong monofilament which runs between the bottom bead and the headrail, holding the blind flush and making it an integral feature of the window. This means the window can be opened and closed as intended, without having to access the handle through the slats of the blind, always an awkward manoeuvre. Also, as the blind is securely located, it will not move or knock annoyingly against the glass when the window is open.

The flush fit minimises the area of the blind which projects beyond the bead recess - so the Isodesign blind is less likely to collect dust and dirt.

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